writing. blogging and kids

Writing romances, blogging, raising three kids – whilst homeschooling, is exhausting to say the least. I realised during this lock-down in South Africa, I am not a teacher and I probably will never be.

So how do you navigate teaching your kids at home without losing your mind or turning into a freaking zombie-wine-drinking mom?

The answer. I am still trying to figure it out – when my kids are busy playing outside, or watching TV, or sleeping, I decided to blog, or work on one of my three books I am currently busy writing. Three because I have never been able to just concentrate on one thing. This helps a lot with keeping my sanity in tact!

What do you do that is just for you?

My two little boys are going back to school on the 06th July and my stress levels are rising exceedingly with every passing day. I get that the children need school but do I really want to risk sending them back to school and getting a disease? I pray every night for the right answers, but still my heart feels like it wants to drop a hundred miles per second when I think of sending them back.

On that note, I hope to get a few more posts out during the weekend.

Peace and love


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